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Joseph Hebert
04/08/13 15:15
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Okemah, Ok
United States

#189638 - Adding to Michael's contribution
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Hi Erik,

If you've ever used the SiLabs CP2102 you'll run into something similar. The commands (that I'm assuming are analagous to those you listed in your original post) are part of an included DLL (an API). To use those commands in the CP2102 you need the chip configured as a USB device. But, in order to program the ยต-controller you need the chip configured as a virtual com port. In other words, if your device is analagous, you can not get it to show up in Device Manager as a UART port while you're using the API.

In the case of the SiLabs CP2102 you have to use a utility program to configure the PID. I have them written down somewhere, but if memory serves you set the PID to hEA60 and the operating system loads the driver to treat it as a USB device that the DLL commands will interface with. If you reconfigure the PID to hEA61 the operating system loads the driver to make it a virtual com port. Okay, that's for a CP2102, not your bluetooth device, and even then maybe I don't remember it exactly right. In any case, if your device works similarly, it won't show up as a UART while you're using the API, and you will be dependent on those included commands to get it to communicate data.

Anyway, that's my best guess. I hope this helps, and good luck.


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