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Richard Erlacher
04/12/13 10:24
  04/12/13 10:24

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Denver, Co

#189656 - Though this is a large and cumbersome instrument ...
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message
I doubt you'll regret having it. I have a wide range of TMS500 and TMS5000 instrumentation not to mention an HP logic analyzer that's as big as (if not more so) the TEK mainframe and plug-ins that you've acquired, yet I've not regretted purchasing any of 'em, despite the fact that I bought most of my stuff back in the '80's.

That old TEK hardware just seems to keep on doing its job. I've had a couple of pieces become pretty weak, e.g. a couple of my old FG504 function generators have deteriorated to the point at which, in the top octave, it's not easy to distinguish sine, square, and triangle waveforms. Everything else works OK, though. I wanted to have someone clean/repair the things, but there's apparently no firm that will admit to being able to restore this particular instrument to its original operating condition.

I've found that there's no instrument available today that will do what the venerable TEK FG504 once did, i.e. generate the three waveforms plus a trigger into 50 ohms, over a bipolar range of 2- volts to either side of common, phase lock to an input, amplitude or frequency modulate its output, using a voltage input, vary the symmetry, etc, etc. Today's much more costly equipment requires a whole rack of 100x as costly gear to do the same thing, and new gear only does what it does to within a "reasonable" tolerance. ... <sigh> ... too bad ... We once had precision instrumentation at our disposal. Today, it's just "close enough for government work."


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