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Joseph Hebert
04/20/13 12:14
  04/20/13 12:18

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#189691 - Vendor?
Responding to: Satish S Munot's previous message
Hello Satish,

Indeed, designing a circuit board is very much part of the task, for some at least. Some may just farm board design out to a sub-contractor. In any case, it's certainly a valid topic here on the forum.

But you aren't asking about designing a circuit board. You're not asking about how thick to make a trace to handle a nominal current. You're not asking how to calculate trace impedance, or control EMI emmissions. You're not asking about tips on designing for manufacture. Instead, you're asking about how to use a particular software package, one which most people here will be unfamiliar with.

So even in the best possible case, it's unlikely you'll find the answers you're looking for here. If this were a forum specifically about board design, you might have better odds, but even then most people would be familiar with OrCad or Mentor Graphics, or PCAD or ..., you get the idea. Even on a forum dedicated to PCB Design you'd still have a limited cross-section of participants who could help. The odds are even worse here, where PCB Design is only tangential to the forum topic.

But there's an even bigger problem you're facing here. There is one place you could go where you would absolutely get precisely the information you need, and you'd get it in short order from someone knowlegable of and familiar with Altium 10. That would be the Altium web site. Except they won't be of any help to someone who is not the registered and licensed user of their software. To the contrary, if they found out you were using a copy of their software illegally, they would likely take action to stop you. So the fact that you aren't going to the Altium website for help suggests that you might be using a bootleg copy of Altium 10.

Now since this is a professional forum you will find few here sympathetic to such difficulty. By and large the people here produce intellectual property and consequently have a deeper respect for the same than those you might find on other fora. That's why, even if you do find someone here with a working knowlege of Altium 10, you're first going to have to explain why you aren't just asking Altium how their software works before they'll be inclined to help.

Again, good luck,


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