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Robert Bowen
04/25/13 05:26
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St. Peters

#189701 - UART C vs ASM - Interrupts
Responding to: Oliver Sedlacek's previous message
Thank You! That worked beautifully!

I put the setbit flags in the RCV ISR and now I can RAMP to Completion, or send a CMD() to HOLD!

You guys are terriffic!


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UART C vs ASM - Interrupts      Robert Bowen      04/24/13 14:48      
   after each count I sent to the DAC it would it would examine      Jan Waclawek      04/24/13 22:36      
   How I would think of it      Oliver Sedlacek      04/25/13 02:48      
      UART C vs ASM - Interrupts      Robert Bowen      04/25/13 05:26      

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