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Michael Karas
05/05/13 13:23
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Beaverton Or

#189712 - Manufacturer's Docs
Responding to: Aamir Ali's previous message
Aamir Ali said:
Do a instruction time like
Add R0, R1

takes 1 MC:
do it include both execution & wait state wasted reading from flash.

Do every inst read from flash has included its wait state. & read is instruiton by instruction

These days almost every 8051 style microcontroller family is different in regard to number of clocks per machine cycle, number of cycles per instruction, whether pipe-lining is used, and if flash wait states are required. It will really be necessary for you to dig into the manufacturers documents for their part family to get answers to your questions.

If it turns out that you cannot read the data sheets and other documents yourself then you will at least have to think about posting the Manufacturer name and exact part number here so others have some hope of assisting.

Michael Karas

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