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Jim Granville
05/06/13 16:58
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#189722 - The x51 will outlast all of us
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message
Joseph Hebert said:
I know that everyone insists the 805x is as dead as Latin, so imagine my surprise to come across this.

Is 300 MIPS considered fast for an 8051?

300MIPs is mainly a process issue, and C51's tend to go into cheap process, and there is no (cheap) FLASH that can service a 300MIP core, so that is largely an imaginary boasting number.

There are plenty of new x51 being released.
* The latest TI Bluetooth CC2541, has an 8051 core.
* Atmel LP51 add a lot more lifetime to standard sockets
* Nuvoton have 1T x51 coming in 2013
* SyncMOS, ABOV, Holtek, Zilog all add 8051 recently...

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