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Joseph Hebert
05/07/13 05:58
  05/07/13 05:59

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Okemah, Ok
United States

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#189729 - (sic?)
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Hi Andy,

So how do y'all spell "everyone?"

As to your actual (and Jim's whole) point, trains and ships are far from the lastest in space-age transportation. They're not as sexy as Porsches, Escalades or Space Shuttles, but they still carry most of the worlds cargo. Ships may be bigger, made of steel instead of timber, powered by diesel instead of wind and navigated by satellite instead of sextant, but they're still basically just modernized versions of the same technology that's been around for (and perfected over) centuries. The same is true of the train. Modern trains are still basically the same (albeit refined) technology that's been around since the 19th Century. And in the world of commerce, these two technologies do by far most of the heavy lifting.

So how long will the Space Shuttle be around? Oh, wait, ...

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