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Mahmood Elnasser
06/06/13 08:54
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#189878 - Serial Wire Debug SWD
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
The Serial Wire (SW) mode is a different operating mode for the JTAG port where only two pins, TCLK and TMS, are used for the communication. A third pin can be use optionally to trace data. JTAG pins and SW pins are shared.

TCLK is SWCLK (Serial Wire Clock)
TMS is SWDIO (Serial Wire debug Data Input/Output)
TDO is SWO (Serial Wire trace Output)

Quote from keil ULINK2 user's guide.
I think that reset pin of ARM should be also used because program on chip might stop the JTAG from communicating with the debugger and this might be the case with my LPC810 demo board.

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