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Josť A. Ruiz
06/14/13 02:49
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United Kingdom

#189935 - FPGA on-chip debugging redundant?
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
That's a very strong objection. A debugger won't be much help unless it somehow encompasses at least some of the actual logic of the FPGA that the MCU is controlling... a project like this may easily spiral out of control by attempting to make it flexible enough to debug off-CPU logic, or if it doesn't it may just be nearly useless as you say.

Besides, if your FPGA is going to include some kind of 'ChipScope' core (a sort of on-FPGA logic analyzer), in principle you could use it to monitor the state of the MCU to a limited extent (e.g. by tracing the PC register) which would make a debugger much less necessary. I wonder what do people do in cases like this...

I think I will just modify the core to add some ISP capability; that alone will make working with it much easier. I will leave debugging alone until I find out how other FPGA CPU cores do it :)

Anyway, I think on-chip debugging is of limited value in a real time embedded project of any complexity; often it's just easier to use a bunch of GPIO pins and a 'scope, or a serial port.

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