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Jim Granville
06/14/13 03:44
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#189937 - On Chip Debug is common
Responding to: JosÚ A. Ruiz's previous message
Jos´┐Ż A. Ruiz said:
Erik Malund said:

PS why would you want your chip to suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? (google OCD)

Oops! I thought I had seen the OCD acronym used in some datasheet or other :)

It is commonly used. eg Atmel.

Jos´┐Ż A. Ruiz said:

Besides, I had not thought at all about the legal constraints placed on the IDE or the interface protocol. That alone is enough to discard any proprietary IDE -- the debugger would have to be built upon open standards and an open user interface, if it is built at all.

Well, I'm glad I asked in this forum before I started working on this project, because I have to admit that the on-chip debugging wasn't a good idea :)

On chip debug >is a good idea, you just need to choose the right path

Perhaps try this :

["Free and Open On-Chip Debugging, In-System Programming and Boundary-Scan Testing"]

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