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09/24/13 21:57
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#190034 - Good point
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
I guess thats a good point as made out by Erik and Andy. Having now come to a very clear understanding on the term MCB, I go back to my original query which except for one hint by Kai to use a "D" type ( thanks Kai ), kind off remains open.

How to select a miniature Circuit breaker ( MCB) for the switch mode power supply whose input ratings are " AC Current 1.4A operating and Cold Start Inrush 45A "

I can use a 2A Type D MCB. Which means the inrush will be handled by the higher short circuit rating of the MCB and continuous protection by the 2A rating. But the doubt is : Since the full load AC input is only 1.4A , will the MCB permit some more overload till the current actually exceeds 2A ??


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