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Oliver Sedlacek
09/26/13 01:50
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#190037 - Fuses and breakers
Responding to: Raghunathan's previous message
The safety function of a fuse or circuit breaker is to protect the wiring. The appliance (in this case your PSU) should have internal protection for anticipated fault conditions.

It's important to understand the limitations of protective devices. I'm not up on MCBs but I've worked with fuses. Worst case, a fuse will continuously carry 1.7 times it rating, so if you were using a 2A fuse for this PSU, your mains wiring should be rated to carry 3.4A.

I'd also have to say that a 45A inrush current is pretty crap these days. Here in the EU a PSU of more than 70W needs PFC (power factor correction), and PFC supplies don't draw huge inrush currents.

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