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Michael Karas
10/08/13 15:03
  10/08/13 17:14

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Beaverton Or

#190039 - LCD Adapter Assembly / Cable
A very common interface to character type LCD modules is a a row of 16 holes on 0.100 inch centers like can be seen in the following picture:

However it is common that an MCU PC Board utilizes the following type 2x8 ribbon cable header to support LCD modules.

It is possible to make a ribbon cable that starts at the 2x8 end and then ends with the wires hand split apart and soldered into the row of holes on the LCD module. This is a painful and time consuming process so I am looking for some type of ready made cable or adapter assembly that I could solder all at once. Any one of you few remaining forum members seen something like I am talking about.

Michael Karas

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         Standard is probably a poor choice of terms ...       Richard Erlacher      10/21/13 12:58      

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