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Michael Karas
10/08/13 22:26
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Beaverton Or

#190041 - Grunch On Ribbon Connectors
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message

The problem is not so easily solved. The 2x8 end of the cable is indeed a standard mass terminated insulation displacement ribbon cable connector. The 2x8 connector pin pitch is 100 mils on two rows - that makes the ribbon cable conductors be 50 mils center to center.

On the other end the 1x16 LCD header is 100 mils centering. The only realistic way to go from the 50 mil ribbon cable to the 100 mil spacing at the LCD is to slit all the conductors apart so they can be spread to match the 100 mils. These splayed wires can then be directly soldered to the LCD (labor intensive) or can have contacts crimped on (also labor intensive) and then be inserted into a 1x16 connector body. In this latter case a standard 100 mil male pin header strip can be soldered onto the LCD module and then the crimped contact assembly gets plugged onto the LCD. This is all workable but more manual work than I would desire.

I was looking to see if it was possible to find a ready made small adapter board or specialty type cable assembly that solved this type of connection problem. Obviously I would be perfectly capable of designing such a thing as a flex circuit or as a small PC board but that is not really cost effective for the number of such cables/adapters that I would use in the near timeframe.

Michael Karas

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