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Richard Erlacher
10/14/13 09:21
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Denver, Co

#190048 - I've seen this, but is it "standard"?
Responding to: Michael Karas's previous message
There are a lot of ways to skin this cat, but I'm not sure there is a "standard" hookup. The most frequently encountered arrangement, in my experience, is a 2x7 header on the MCU's PCB and a 2x7 on the LCD board. Next most frequently occurring has been a 1x14 with the pins in ascending order, corresponding to the arrangement on the MCU pcb. I have encountered 2x8 host-end connectors, but those are most often used to drive an LCD with two controllers, e.g. HD44780, or whatever it is, when there are more than 80 characters required. How that's to be applied is anyone's guess. One other arrangement I've seen, specifically on one particularly cheap 8031 board is one in which host board has a 3x8 connector, and you have to choose which arrangement works best, depending on whether the LCD board's connector is sometimes on the underside of the LCD board. I've found that connector scheme to be convenient, but not really suitable for production applications.

The arrangement that Mahmood suggests is very practical with one exception, and that's the one in which the LCD board connector is located on the top of the LCD board, since it reqires, then, that the connector on the LCD board be a considerable distance from the panel on which it's mounted. This would suggest that the LCD board connector be a right-angle connector in order to allow the LCD to be close to the mounting surface.


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