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Richard Erlacher
10/21/13 12:58
  10/21/13 13:02

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Denver, Co

#190051 - Standard is probably a poor choice of terms ...
Responding to: Michael Karas's previous message
Michael Karas said:
Doubtful if there is any standard whatsoever.

The 2x7 or 1x14 Connector layout for character LCD modules is typical but not standard!! When these are used they just include the signals for the LCD controller chip interface.

When a 2x8 or 1x16 layouts are used it is typical that the two added pins provide the A and K connections for the LCD backlight.

When the stripline connector is used on an LCD any header is typically installed away from the LCD face so that any cable routing goes out the rear away from the panel that the LCD would mount behind. I do not think that Mahmood ever meant to imply that the cables and/or headers would be installed on the face side of the LCD module.

Michael Karas

Maybe even convention is too strong a term, but back in the '80's, when I personally started seeing these gadgets appear in all sorts of applications, the 14-pin connectors, of both types, of course, were the ones I saw in almost every application.

I've seen it go both ways with the SIL connector, i.e. right-angle, typically, on either side of the board. Without the right angle pins on the board, the connector can make the module somewhat bulky, and I've seen enough of them done "wrong", i.e. in the way I think we'll both agree they shouldn't be done, with the cable connector on the glass side of the module, that I had to point out that that particular type of connector assembly wouldn't work well without the right angle pins. With the SIL arrangement, it merely requires that one place the connector on the side opposite the display, and no respin of the board is necessary.

You're right, particularly in that there's really no applicable standard, though for years the overwhelming majority of connectors has been of the 2x7 or 1x14 type. What's always puzzled me is that I've not seen any effort at labeling the connector pins in the silkscreen so one would know what the purpose of the extra pins might be. As I said, I'vee seen 'em applied in a number of ways, not the not the least of which was power for the backlight.


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