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David Smith
10/24/13 03:01
  10/24/13 03:48

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#190052 - Recommended 8051 with ADC
Hello All, Long time since I was on the forum - ever since I stopped getting nightly mailings, and I failed to correct whatever was causing the problem (probably when my ISP let Google take over their email operation?).

I use Nuvoton 8052s normally, but am about to start a project that requires 3 10-bit minimum ADC inputs. Not much else really - couple of I/O, 16k appl memory and 256b RAM is plenty. I have an ancient ICE that will not suit this project, so am looking for a cheap JTAG or similar development kit on which to sort the (assembler) code.

When I last looked Silicon Labs was the obvious vendor, and a ...F320 looks ideal. But I need to know its life expectancy (10-year-old now!). What's the feeling on this, and any recommendations for an alternative. Price and speed are not issues.


Actually, I've just realised I don't need so much codespace. Been working with graphical LCDs too long and was thinking I need font conversion array - but I'm going to use a 2x16 LCD, so direct ASCII drive is order of the day. So an 8k ..F330 would do if that's preferable. Certainly cheaper - but I do need something that's got at least 5 years.

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