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Jim Granville
10/31/13 15:13
  10/31/13 15:21

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#190080 - Toolstick clarify
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:

I have used several different devboards, but only read about the toolsticks, and seem to recall that you can not develop communication with them (it is locked through the USB interface, however do post and ask

The above is a little mangled, so to clarify :

Toolsticks do not have RS232 levels, or separate USB-UART links, but they do have a tool stick terminal, which connects to the uC Serial pins at logic levels.
These connect to the Toolstick Base Adapter card, so you can do terminal development, using the inbuilt SiLabs terminal.

I notice that there is the Toolstick, and a 'full-blown' DK, the C8051F850-B-DK ($64). What is the difference? The latter appears to be the traditional SiLabs DK with pod, cables and development board.
Does the toolstick come with effectively the same software development environment (Kiel, etc)?

SW is the same, the DK has the Debug pod with a 10P ribbon cable, and the DK board is a little more stand-alone, so has Power Jack, plus a CP2103 as USB-Serial, and SMD connectors on the rear side, and a bread-board area.

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