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Andy Neil
11/14/13 16:52
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#190139 - "bible" time - 8051 Memory Spaces
Responding to: Rohan Dey's previous message
Rohan Dey said:
I am using P89V51RD2 chip from NXP which has ... 1Kb of RAM

Note that's the sum total of all the RAM on the chip- it's not one contiguous block of RAM.

Specifically, in Keil, DATA refers to the 128-byte directly-addressable memory space.

Is there any compiler settings by which I can increase the Data Segment Size?

No - it is fixed by the hardware architecture. - specifically, pp 1-3

Or any other method to resolve this error

Move stuff out of DATA and into other (IDATA, XDATA/PDATA) address spaces...

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