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Joseph Hebert
11/17/13 04:10
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Okemah, Ok
United States

#190146 - power
Responding to: Raghunathan's previous message
Hi Raghunathan,

When the pot is set to zero ohms, you've got 24V/1k = 24 mA. Since all the voltage is dropped across the 1k resistor, it's dissipating a little over half a watt. Essentially zero volts are dropped across the pot, which means it's now dissipating essentially zero watts. The only question left is whether the 24 mA will melt the contacts/leads. You know they can handle 1.5 Watts across 5k ohms, which at 24 Volts is over 60 mA. What is the maximum voltage the potentiometer is rated for? Whatever that Vmax is, you know it can handle at least 1.5W/Vmax amps.

Hope this helps,


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