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Richard Erlacher
11/17/13 14:50
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Denver, Co

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#190150 - While I don't disagree ... there are different failure modes
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message
Yes, under some circumstances you might burn the pot, or melt the wiper contact in the pot, you can also drive the temperature of the resistive medium to a point at which it's no longer where you intended to set it.

For large currents, I've never used anything bu wire-wound pots, and even those can be abused considerably.

When you need current, it's not particularly costly to use a cheap voltage regulator or a simple voltage follower (often cheaper) and set the output voltage with a small, cheap pot rather than trying to use a pot that can handle all the current.

I've seen several pots, seriously underdesigned, that had a burned spot inside, simply because they weren't used properly. Transistors and regulators are so inexpensive now, that there's no reason ever to use a pot alone when there's risk that the pot will be set to a position that will harm it.


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