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Jan Waclawek
11/20/13 01:02
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#190153 - cermet or wirewound
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Kai Klaas said:
decades ago Bourns has pubished a trimmer handbook in which they give an answer to your question: If the wiper maximum current rating isn't specified in the datasheet, the maximum current through the wiper is the same as what the trimmer element can handle at maximum power dissipation, provided it doesn't exceed 100mA.

I went out to Bourn's website and found .
On page 68 (which in the pdf is page 227, the chapters are messed up), Bourns potentiometer handbook said:
100ma is a common wiper current rating for most wirewound and cermet type units.

That may be the explanation - the common, cheap carbon-element potetiometer such as TP160 I mentioned above might quite well have a very different wiper current rating.

One learns something new every day...


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