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Joseph Hebert
12/11/13 06:21
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Okemah, Ok
United States

#190192 - Contact page
Responding to: Oliver Sedlacek's previous message
From the EFAB page you linked to, the only item under the "Contact EFAB" menu item is "We Accept Credit Cards." That page looks like a good place for you to start if you want to call them for pricing and turnaround (i.e. delivery time) information. They explicitly state that they will sell for either production or prototype needs. I've got to say, such a cross memeber is so dirt-simple I can't imaqing anyone needing more that a few hours to make one.

Since they're so rarely used I really don't expect you'll find any stocked anywhere. Still, if you only need one or two I found this on eBay for under $10.

I hope it helps,


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