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Richard Erlacher
12/12/13 02:42
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Denver, Co

#190194 - There once was a product ...
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
... of which I got samples at a trade show, but the name of which escapes me ... It was a considerable time ago ...

These were thin multilayered white-plastic-coated metal strips with regularly spaced pins as part of their vertical (with respect to the board) dimension, the pins being of typical through-hole length, and the strips in lengths of about 9" down to 3-1/2". The strips stood about 3/8" off the board and, when soldered in place, provided substantial stiffening as well as handy power distribution when used as such, which I assumed was their primary purpose. Rogers was the manufacturer, IIRC. I used them in a memory array, back in the days of 16k-bit DRAMs requiring 3 supplies. I've seen them used in commercial products, so I know they weren't that scarce.

Have these things gone away entirely?


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