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Richard Erlacher
12/12/13 02:57
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Denver, Co

#190195 - It's not terrible, but it does suffer from WINDOWS
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
If your OrCAD experience is limited to the Windows versions, then I think you'll find Altium to be more or less comparable in ease of use, though considerably more capable in some versions, and probably more costly. I find most Windows-based schematic capture software pitifully slow when compared with the older DOS-based OrCAD SDT (Schematic Design Tool), which was about 100x as fast.

The Altium PCB package didn't impress me, hence hasn't been opened since about a decade ago. That also defines when I was comparing these products,

If you can reduce your netlists to EDIF and don't mind a lot of manual conversion of the PCB outlines (footprints) and making the needed dimensional adjustments for your PCB house, you may find the conversion tolerable. I almost always go back to OrCAD, particularly since it works with Cadence's ALLEGRO. The old, DOS-based PCB package v1.0 was an advanced package that did autoplacement, autorouting with ripup and reroute, pushaside, and nearly everything one could imagine. OrCAD's v1.1 lost many of those features and didn't even always complete an autoroute. That change was timed concurrently with Cadence's acquisition of OrCAD.

I do recall that there was a tool that made generation of footprints and schematic symbols easy, but I don't know that it was included with Altium. Maybe it was with another package, I was choosing tools for my own use back then and had to evaluate several packages. I may still have Altium doc's somewhere ... though I have moved since then.


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