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Erik Malund
12/30/13 07:32
  12/30/13 08:23

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Mt Airy, Nc

#190217 - optical sensor
I have been checking, by now, probably 25 different datasheets and not found what I am looking for.

Basically I am looking for a photo cell/diode/sensor/... that does not cost a fortune where the specs are such that you can make e.g. a unit that triggers at 47lm +-, say 2% without having to calibrate every individual unit.

any suggestions?


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optical sensor      Erik Malund      12/30/13 07:32      
   RE: "does not cost a fortune"      Andy Neil      12/30/13 11:58      
      relative      Erik Malund      12/30/13 13:08      
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      typical values only in the datasheet      Erik Malund      01/04/14 14:49      
         if ONLY why TYPICAL?      George MacCayev      01/05/14 07:49      
   TSL238 , you may check this..      AP Charles      01/22/14 10:31      

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