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Ap Charles
02/02/14 07:57
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#190262 - Risky definitely...
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
Mahmood Elnasser said:

Andy Neil said:

Some, of course, may be a little more risky - but, as you say, usually worth it.

What do you mean by risky, on ebay if you haven't received the goods, or you received them not as described or damaged in the post, you go to resolution center and get refunded in a short time.
Many times I contacted the seller about damaged items and they sent me a replacement without going to resolution center.
Since sellers need customer +ve feedback because it affects their selling rate they make sure of customer satisfaction.

Be cautious , I know of a friend who paid for some product and the ebayer sent him randome broken and used product to him. As the tracking number showed received item the Ebay resolution center did nothing . There was no one who mediated and in the last They said to file a case in court. You can google and see howmany frauds ebayers have done. There are plenty of tricks played by notorious sellers where Resolution center cannot do anything. I hve been duped by Madeinchina seller but I managed to get his account deleted which also incurred then good loss...

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