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02/06/14 05:25
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#190264 - Random profile input
I have a requirement to simulate an actual load pattern that an automotive wheel experiences when driving on special reference surfaces. The concerned vehicle has on board strain gages that capture these and finally a single waveform is derived. Each lasts for about 10 sec maximum. This data generation is not my concern.

My concern however is to digitize this info and feed it to a servo valve as a look up table ( Volt Vs Time) so that the same load pattern is simulated. Just to try out the concept I started off by superimposing the waveform on to a graph sheet and manually creating the look up table - the X-Axis is 10ms intervals and the Y-Axis is 0.01 V intervals. Idea worked reasonably well.

The query is : Is there any other better method to create such look up tables for random waveforms ??



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