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Andy Neil
02/16/14 11:17
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#190289 - Image manipulation software
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
Raghunathan said:
Looks like now I need to work on finding the mid line of the plot as its quite thick normally and unless we do that the resolution will suffer.

Mahmood Elnasser said:
If all paper images are same format and brand new, then it looks simple to do. Unfortunately some papers have dirt, scratches, folds and bends, non uniform ink, ...etc which makes it a challenge to filter these glitches out to get accurate results.

I think these types of processing could probably be done using image/photo manipulation software - they can do stuff like thresholding, edge detection (should help in finding the line), etc.

I'd look at such tools to prepare your bitmap before trying to process it through custom code...

I use Paint Shop Pro (an old version - before it was acquired by Corel).

GIMP is a well-known open-source tool

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