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Richard Erlacher
03/02/14 20:55
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Denver, Co

#190293 - Do you intend to simulate this or physically emulate it?
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message

I'm troubled by your remark indicating that the signal source comes from multiple strain gauges, yet is combined into a single waveform.

I';m thinking that you can take the printout, possibly scale it up somewhat, superimpoose a cartesian coordinate system, resample it, even if manually, and then consider fourier analysis in order to get a well-defined easily regenerated waveform. This waveform will not be a precise recreation of the input you get, but will be much easier to work with than the raw printout.

Another thing to consider would be to scan the printout, as that will reduce it to a raster image which you then can curve-fit in order to create an analytical approximation. You may find that a bit simpler to implement than some of the other methods that have been suggested.


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