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09/08/14 05:45
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#190343 - Using a 500V socket for a 690V motor
It might surprise to read the "stupid" subject line ! Sorry.

But there is a situation where a panel has to be delivered with a 690 V / 5 Pin / 16A socket ( IEC 60309 ) and we just don't seem to get it in time. So the question.

Someone told that if I use a 32A / 500V socket nothing will go up in smoke - actually the motor will not even draw more than 9A at full load.

1. Is it OK to use the socket with suitable de-rating as above for higher voltage.
2. Is there any document worth its name that confirms this ??



PS : Its really sad to read the thread which talks if is still alive. Change, it seems, is the constant.

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Using a 500V socket for a 690V motor      Raghunathan      09/08/14 05:45      
   well      Erik Malund      09/08/14 10:25      
      Its the V and not the VA ?!      Raghunathan      09/08/14 22:24      
         VA less than the rated...?      AP Charles      09/12/14 03:01      
            Wish I had a lab capable of such tests..      Raghunathan      09/12/14 09:45      
               would not do you any good      Erik Malund      09/12/14 16:00      
                  insurance implication holds for uncivilized countries as wel      Phillip M Gallo      09/16/14 10:28      

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