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Erik Malund
09/12/14 16:00
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Mt Airy, Nc

#190348 - would not do you any good
Responding to: Raghunathan's previous message
Wish I had a lab capable of such tests..

would not do you any good. It is known that "testing does not prove the abscence of problems, it only proves the abscence of known problems.

the only way to correctly rate a plug is by design.

you take your underrated plug and test it, OK but what if it will fail at 90% humidity and 36 C, did you test that? what if it will fail at ??% humidity and ?? C, did you test that? what if the mains peaks at whatever voltage it may peak at? did you test that?

the above, re testing, is so much more prevalent in software than other things, how many times have you seen/heard "this tested software does not work"

anyhow, in most (all?) civilized countries, using an underrated plug would, in case of fire, make the insurance NOT pay (or pay and sue you)

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