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Richard Erlacher
07/01/15 19:53
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Denver, Co

#190533 - I think that's been settled
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Now that we know we can get an account for a modem or two with a cellular provider that definitely seems to be the best approach. He's chosen something else, however, but I don't know, or care, what. He's got his reasons, I'm sure.


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.Cellphone without operator      Richard Erlacher      06/14/15 14:06      
   Modem ?       Steve M. Taylor      06/14/15 17:50      
      just buy an off the shelf GSM modem      Andy Neil      06/22/15 04:08      
   M2M      Mahmood Elnasser      06/15/15 00:09      
      The modem is probably the best path      Richard Erlacher      06/20/15 23:03      
         Absolutely - do *not* use a phone!      Andy Neil      06/22/15 04:06      
            I think that's been settled      Richard Erlacher      07/01/15 19:53      

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