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Richard Erlacher
08/26/15 11:54
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Denver, Co

#190561 - I doubt this will surprise anyone ...
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
I keep DOS, Win9x, and XP running on a box or two for the very reason that perfectly useful software doesn't work under the later versions of Windows. I've tried using removable drives in trays, and that certainly works, and, of course, with multiple trays, one drive can keep the data files while another keeps the OS and executables. That way, when you need a different/later version of the OS to support a function, e.g. one related to presentation rather than to processing, it can easily be generated in one OS while presenting it in another. USB flash drives would make this simpler, but early versions of the OS don't support USB. I have some really good OCR software that works together with an old scanner with a paper feeder, that doesn't work on Windows versions after 3.11. <sigh>


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