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Phillip M Gallo
08/26/15 19:00
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#190562 - i use vVirualBox to run software packages ...
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
... that i still find useful and that generate output useful to my more modern os environments.

That said, like Richard i have some hardware platforms i maintain just to retain their hardware capabilities which i use mostly for support of previous projects. I have an XP/Win98/Win3.1 platforms that mate with unique hardware. They do power up less frequently as time goes by.

This brings to mind the current Win10 distribution that is currently underway.
So far my feeling is that if you have Win7 keep it for now.
If you have Win8 on a desktop then go ahead upgrade it can't get worse and you may find it better.

I've heard all the wonderful improvements brought to Win7 environments by Win10 but after much tweaking, the privacy issues, slow network process initiation, and weird file glitches are not a convincing alternative to the rock stable environment Win7 has been for me.


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