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Michael Karas
03/03/17 10:09
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Beaverton Or

#190749 - Correct Configuration?
Responding to: Balasubramanian Vaidhyana's previous message
From the SDCC Web Site:

SDCC is a retargettable, optimizing Standard C (ANSI C89, ISO C99, ISO C11) compiler suite that targets the Intel MCS51 based microprocessors (8031, 8032, 8051, 8052, etc.), Maxim (formerly Dallas) DS80C390 variants, Freescale (formerly Motorola) HC08 based (hc08, s08), Zilog Z80 based MCUs (z80, z180, gbz80, Rabbit 2000/3000, Rabbit 3000A, TLCS-90) and STMicroelectronics STM8. Work is in progress on supporting the Microchip PIC16 and PIC18 targets. It can be retargeted for other microprocessors.

The most likely cause for your issue is that you have not configured the SDCC tool set correctly so that it specifically knows that you are targeting an MCS51 architecture processor.

SFR and XDATA are key words almost always associated with 8051/8052 type MCUs and the tool set not recognizing them is a strong indicator if the wrong configuration settings.

Michael Karas

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