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Ricardo Orellana Paz
02/08/18 08:05
  02/08/18 08:05

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#190836 - thanks Erik
Responding to: Ricardo Orellana Paz's previous message
Hi Erik:
I visited Silabs and I chose C8051F55 . It was more than I expected. RAM , ADC, Flash, CAN incorporated, etc. thanks again.

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More RAM and EEprom included      Ricardo Orellana Paz      02/07/18 07:17      
   forget the dinosaur, DIP40 has gone the same way.      Erik Malund      02/07/18 09:00      
   thanks Erik      Ricardo Orellana Paz      02/08/18 08:05      
      and you get an unrestricted Keil for free      Erik Malund      02/08/18 11:53      

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