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Terry Lingle
07/23/05 09:13
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#97879 - karma
Responding to: Steve M. Taylor's previous message
Before Karma we had visible stars that reflected the number of posts not the quality or effectiveness of them.
The forum volume grew and the karma system was introduced to make it easier to identify quality posts
The number of karma points a user has should relate to the quality of the posts made. It probably does but it seems that a lot of karma rating is based on personality not content. It also seems that people feel that the presence of a system plus it being available to them “corrupts” them. The result is a +/- point that has no value except that it is there. This is a variant on power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Yes this has grown and with it the amount of work for the moderators has grown, that is the nature of the beast.
One of the major problems is the common language issues. We really do not speak the same language even if we did all speak “English” as our native tongue. We know that English is not the native tongue for most active users.

I believe that it is time to reassess the criteria for activating karma as it seems that simple duration of membership is not the answer.
This is your forum you have the stats so you get to choose. You will have to evaluate each user that has issued karma and decide whether or not they remain eligible. once the number of users with karma privileges is sufficiently large you stop giving privileges. If you, Steve, or the designated group see any additional members that should be designated members add them, if a designated member abuses the power remove the privilege.
This should modulate the karma system into doing what you intended it to do.

Yes this will create an “elite” core so what? When you read the posts you quickly realize that there is a stratification of abilities here just as every where else. Like drivers licence karma scoring ought to be a privilege not a right.
You will get whiners, complainers and outright nuts posting in, even the most rational seem capable of irrational actions (the esteemed and valuable Mike seemed to come out of left field Alberto Geraci also acted a little bizarrely)
World wide tension seems to be mounting again so it is probably best to focus this forum on the intended topic area –no politics no religion
Posts expressing” have a good (fill in the event or celebration)” seem more personal rather than political/religious and should be allowed.
In the end it is the direction and content that makes this forum valuable. Someone must keep it going in the appropriate direction.
Any member is free to stay or go. For those that stay this will remain a valuable asset. But only if it’s direction and focus remain in control.
Good luck with this and thanks for this great resource Terry

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