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Dan Henry
07/23/05 12:41
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Boulder, Co

#97882 - My $0.02 USD
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message
Craig Steiner said:
But if there are any ideas out there of how we can improve things by all means let me know. Anything that can make the forum more enjoyable and reduce the amount of time I spend dealing with "politics" is something that I'm definitely in favor of!

When I have thought about the notion of Forum moderation and karma/scoring from time to time, I always end up comparing it to Usenet Newsgroups -- an 'older' (Internet-wise) means of discussion 'forum'. Some observations:
  • Very few moderated newsgroups exist, but because Usenet is not site-based, moderation has to be done in a manner that, by its very nature, prevents flame wars, off-topic posts, etc.

  • The vast majority of newsgroups are unmoderated, so anything goes.

  • Usenet provides no flame protection (with the exception of the aforementioned moderated newsgroups).

  • Usenet has kooks, loons, trolls, etc., just like we have seen on this forum.

  • Usenet does not insulate readers from 'homework' or 'gimme code' types.

  • Usenet provides no means to attribute a score or karma to a post or a poster. Contributors develop a reputation as a natural consequence of what they post.

If this forum were to change the scoring/karma system, my input would be to attribute scores to threads/posts, not members.

Regarding off-topic threads/posts, I don't have a big problem with them as long as I can quickly identify them so that I can choose to not read them. To that end, how about?
  • Any member scoring a thread's root post with OT, flags the thread as OT until a moderator overrides that designation.

  • Any member scoring a subsequent post in the thread OT, flags that post as OT until a moderator overrides that designation.

I am not suggesting more moderation for that, just that a moderator can permanently override a member's OT score when necessary.

Craig Steiner said:
... I do not enjoy having to administer or moderate this forum.

I'd say to moderate only as much as you want. If 'homework' slips in, so be it. Let flame wars flame on if you want -- they typically only hurt the flamers' reputations.

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