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Kai Klaas
07/24/05 08:31
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#97905 - Painful truth...
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message
Craig said:
Prahlad brings up, again, the topic of problems with the system. So let's talk about it.

Ok, let's talk about the painful truth...

Craig said:
Michael left because of a disagreement over a thread that was closed that he thought shouldn't be closed, not over karma (at least that's my understanding). I respect Michael emmensely and hope he decides to return someday, but I also think he over-reacted.

Michael's leaving had to do with this thread:

In this thread Michael prepared this nice post:

If you ever have prepared such a post, containing a picture and a schematic, then you will know how much time and efforts this costs, not even mentioning the time needed to develop the idea behind!

Unfortunately, the thread was closed, and this after only 27hours, because the original poster didn't come back in the meanwhile. Normally we waited several days in the past before closing a thread for this reason. So, the decision to close the thread so early was totally arbitrary and was just wrong, even if it had made sense to Steve at this very moment!
To Michael this closing of thread must have looked very insulting, especially if he already had prepared a second post which he also wanted to publish, again containing a picture and schematic, where he again had spend lot of time and energy!

Craig said:
At the time, I actually believed that Michael might be right and Steve might have closed the thread a little too soon. On the other hand, Steve was eventually shown to be 100% right: the original poster had solved his problem and the closed thread was no longer applicable.

Following this logic you can close every single thread after less than one hour, because the orignal poster could have solved the problem by himself in the meanwhile...
Craig, please, closing the thread so early, means after only 27hours, defintely was a mistake, wasn't it?

Craig said:
Michael had a different opinion and basically decided to leave because he disagreed with the moderator on what, in my opinion, was a rather trivial matter.

Trivial matter?? Now I ask you, would you ever spend time and energy if you must assume that the thread will be closed, just during the time that you prepare your post??? What sense does it make to contribute to a forum, where threads are arbitrarily closed?? What sense does it make to spend your costly time and energy, when your efforts become totally useless and senseless?

Craig said:
I would not have been against re-opening the thread that Michael wanted open had he asked us politely rather than ordered us to do so.

Michael was angry, because he was right! Because it wasn't the first arbitrarily closed thread! That's the reason, why Michael wasn't "polite" enough.

Letting Michael leave this forum was the badest decision you have ever made, Craig! Michael was the most talented member of this forum, the thinker, the brain, showing the highest level of professionalism and experience, he just was the head of this forum! And he only left the forum because of a series of arbitrary acts. That's really sad! It's a real terrible loss, leaving behind this forum not even as half as attractive!


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