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Jerson Fernandes
07/24/05 08:50
  07/24/05 08:54

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#97909 - In favour of the existing moderation
Responding to: Raghunathan's previous message
Raghunathan said:

1. The forum is great as it is. Nothing more needs to be done as such.

2. Don't get too democratic and try to factor in all opinions to decide on certain things. When it comes to discipline, YOU are the one to decide what goes and what does'nt. And your consequent action needs no elaboration. When my room has a note that says " No Smoking please ", the visitor to my room better not smoke, if he has any idea to enter again.

I support Raghu's views. To my mind, Craig has appeared almost invisible in his moderation. What I mean to say; is that he hardly intervenes in any thread unless necessary. I just saw the posts referred to by Kai and I think you will agree with what I say below.

Craig; from your post, you appear to be a very honest straight person. I really empathise with your dilemna here. Matter of fact, I do not know how to solve the issues raised here. If I had to decide, I think, I would just carry on with my work and life and let the issues solve themselves by growing or being burnt by the flames here. Let the forum remain as it is now.

Personally, I am no fan of karma points. But, of course, I do feel happy seeing me get a +ve karma and a -ve tends to make me clam up.

I do remember reading a list of sayings of how to be unhappy. One of them is "considering your opinion to be gospel truth and ignoring other's". Some folks here take rigid stances - like battering newbies with "RTFM, RTFDS, Bible Links, etc..." I know it sounds irritating to point out the obvious to newbies, but if they knew any better, they would not ask here. The fact that they consider this forum a good place shows the quality of contributors we have here. Perhaps we should all think about this. Craig on the other hand is moving on the path to happiness by asking our opinion on solving the problem and keeping folks here happy.

Just my weekend ramblings. You may ignore it if it hurts.


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