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Old thread has been locked -- no new posts accepted in this thread
Kai Klaas
07/24/05 12:32
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#97916 - Thread closing was unsuited!
Responding to: Steve M. Taylor's previous message
Steve said:
Lets get this straight, the thread was not deleted, the thread was suspended, pending the return of the OP, since solutions which were being proposed and time wasted with no response. Mike's work was not lost into the aether, its still there, staring forlornly into cyberspace with a solution Juan has now ruled inadmissible.

What do you mean by "wasted"? Isn't it the issue of such a forum to discuss? So, I cannot see any waste.
Anyway, I didn't write, that Michael's work was deleted. I wrote:

To Michael this closing of thread must have looked very insulting, especially if he already had prepared a second post which he also wanted to publish, again containing a picture and schematic, where he again had spend lot of time and energy!

So, I talked about a new post, which he already had prepared but couldn't publish, because the thread was "suddenly" closed.

Steve said:
If it was wrong to close the thread, which I dispute, its as "wrong" to throw a hissy fit and blackmail the moderators of the forum. Perhaps if Mike had actually asked in a reasonable way, the thread might have been reopened,...

So, he wasn't polute enough after you insulted him with the thread closing and with making his new prepared contribution use- and senseless??
Why can't you see, that this would insult everybody, who would have had prepared an extended post to this thread, me included, but couldn't publish it any more? This closing of thread was totally unsuited. It's the best way to stop any atmosphere in which discussion is ever possible.

Steve said:
What a fine job you have done of immediately trivialising everyone elses.

It wasn't my intention to trivialise anyone here, Steve, but to clearly point out how unique many of Michael's contributions were! I only remember the perfect explaination about "state machines", which was the best I have ever read. So, I repeat again, and hope to be very clear: We have lost our best man!
Anyhow this has happened, we have lost him. And it's not Michael alone, who is responsible for that...

I don't want to offend you, Steve. Your work and efforts are great in this forum. Nevertheless, something really bad has happened about Michael and I really complain this!

Unnecessary thread closings should be avoided here in the future!


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