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Erik Malund
07/25/05 06:37
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Mt Airy, Nc

#97988 - CA calculations
Responding to: Ben Dennis's previous message
When I were offered a move to CA (the San Fransisco peninsula) because of a merger, I was, of course, offered a raise as a "cost of living compensation". I did some figuring and the result was: If I sold our 2500 sq ft on 2 acres home in Nashville, TN and applied every penny as a down payment in SF AND took my Nashville mortgage payment and added every penny of the "cost of living compensation" to figure my mortgaga payment in SF I could get a 2 bedroom house on a lot measured by the postmaster general.

The morale of the story: CA is a lot more expensive than you think, just look up the state taxes and electricity rates compared to wherever you are now.


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