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Craig Steiner
07/25/05 07:57
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#98005 - Intentional
Responding to: Mehdi's previous message
Mehdi said:
Craig,It is not possible to go to chat board from other webs except of message board,I think it might be a Bug?

Do you mean that the "Chat Board" button on the sidebar only appears in the message board? That's intentional.

If someone new comes to and doesn't know the difference between the main board and the chat board, I want them to find the main board first. They'll do that by pressing "Message Board." Once they get to the message board the option of the "Chat Board" appears but if what they're looking for is 8052-related discussion they will already have found it.

You can, however, bookmark the chat board as and you'll be able to access that at anytime.

Craig Steiner Webmaster

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