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Jan Waclawek
07/25/05 08:50
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#98019 - I have text mode...
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message
... and switched to 20 message headers and switched off currently logged in people, so I did what I think is the maximum reasonable "optimisation"; oh and I don't download any pictures and the Handspring(*) Blazer's "proxy" also does nice job throwing out unnecessary content... To load the "front page" it takes around 10kB; single message "thread" is around 2-3kB, so that's approximately the overhead associated with the "left bar" and the layout. It must be more in a "normal" browser without the benefit of the optimizing/"stripping" "proxy" I have in Blazer.
This seems not too much, but adds up, as it is reloaded each time with each message. (In this respect, frames would be better, as I could load only the main frame; on the other hand I know there are issues associated with frames).

A similar issue I mentioned above is the need to reload the messages I have already read if I want to read a new posting to a thread in the flat mode (I somehow did not understand the logic of the traditional mode and am used to the flat mode from other sites).

All these add up to several MB if one reads the posts regularly; an this gets a bit annoying and also a bit costly when done over GPRS.

But so far I could live with it so if it would be only me and if it would take too lot time and work and thinking etc.etc.etc.

Jan Waclawek

(*) now PalmOne

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