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Dennis Welbourn
07/25/05 13:11
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Bend, Oregon

#98089 - CA
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
I too had a chance to transfer, from Pasadena, CA to the Bay area (that, or get laid off). I was offered a nice 30% pay increase to make up for the difference in cost of living...and found that it would have taken 50% just to make up for the difference in property taxes.

The last house the realtor show us was $500,000 and we didn't even want to get out of the car to look at it...and this was 16 years ago so values have gone up quite a bit since then. Most places that were of reasonable cost were a two hour or more commute away. (Which is what I'd guess you would have, if you lived in RB or Poway, and had to go to San Diego...)

I didn't accept the transfer. I got laid off, and eventually moved out of California. No regrets.

If you've got a family to move, check out the schools too. That might determine where you want to live, and how much your mortgage will be and how long the commute you'll have to face.

California can be a nice place. Just go into it with your eyes wide open.


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