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Matthias Arndt
07/26/05 02:31
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#98115 - print view?

may it be possible to include a special "print view" for single posts into the board? Sometimes I want to print out postings and I find it annoying to print the whole site around as well.
The articles are surrounded by that nice blue box. Why not make the print view to display/print the box only?


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print view?      Matthias Arndt      07/26/05 02:31      
   It's there      Erik Malund      07/26/05 08:50      
      not what I'm looking for...      Matthias Arndt      07/26/05 09:59      
         Erik's trick      Steve M. Taylor      07/26/05 10:03      
            printing      Terry Lingle      07/26/05 10:35      
         Whatever Linux can and can't I would as      Erik Malund      07/26/05 13:04      
            ;)      Matthias Arndt      07/26/05 14:54      
   Printable version implemented      Craig Steiner      07/26/05 22:52      
      Thank you very much!      Matthias Arndt      07/27/05 00:49      
         Printing format..      Vignesh Prasad      07/29/05 11:48      

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