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Craig Steiner
07/26/05 13:49
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#98206 - Well here we go
Responding to: Phillip M Gallo's previous message
Phillip M Gallo said:
Maybe we're being to severe, or perhaps a bit "strict" regarding Charles' response about using a DS'420 as an alternative to the '251 as "off topic" considering the intent of the post was also to implement a faster than standard '51. (What else would a DS'420 partisan, such as myself say?).

Which is fine, and we all went with that angle that Charles started. But now Charles is complaining because he got a "-1 Overrated" score on his initial post and using it as some kind of evidence of an "old boys network". If we're going to start making absurd accusations such as that, we might as well point out that Charles response didn't even answer the question so if it wasn't "-1 overrated" it could just as easily be "-1 off-topic."

I think the ref to "Good Old Boys" is an imperfect description of the fact that there are folks who post often.

If that's the case then I don't know why Charles would have problem with such a group of people posting often. Heck, I probably wouldn't even be part of that "old boys club" because I generally don't post all that much.

The impression I get when someone says "old boys club" is a group of people who together wield power, grant each other favors, or somehow exclude others. I think that's what Charles means when he uses the expression. If so, I don't see how him receiving a negative score on a message is evidence of that. Or maybe Charles thinks that I should protect him from negative scores and the fact that I don't protect him means that I'm favoring those that score him negatively? If so, why? I don't protect anyone else, myself included.

Anyway, perhaps Charles could explain what he means by "old boys club." Later today I hope to have a way to be able to break out specific posts and move them to threads in the chat board so we can weed out these kinds of off-topic discussions that seem to explode in the middle of an otherwise interesting thread.

Craig Steiner Webmaster

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