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Prahlad J. Purohit
07/26/05 22:00
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#98232 - High Power High Frequency.
Dear Forum Members,

I am planning to develop High frequency Resistance welding products. High freqency here refers to 300Hz-3kHz AC at Voltage=400Volts and currents of the order of 100 Amperes. Now the problem is how do I generate a Source with this high freqency and current. I am aware of Invertors using battery as source & IGBT's in H bridge and half H bridge configurations for generating AC [ 50Hz 60Hz ]. But it appears in my case power requirements cant' be met by any battery. Induction heaters also use high freqency high power how do they do it. It will a great help if you can please give me some helpful links.

Thanks & Regards,
Prahlad Purohit

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