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Jerson Fernandes
07/27/05 00:27
  07/27/05 00:28

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#98238 - TOT : Bombay is flooded
This is totally off topic, but since I guess it is ok to post here. Bombay the techno-commercial hub of India is flooded and life has been crippled since yesterday evening. My house on the ground floor has been inundated with water and things are floating all around the house. Water is knee deep in the house and upto the waist outside.

The slum colonies nearby are totally washed under and appeared as a river yesterday since the rains were excessive and the tide was high.

I have pictures I wish I can post, But let me see how I can do it
Take a look at this story


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TOT : Bombay is flooded      Jerson Fernandes      07/27/05 00:27      
   My machines are swiming.      Prahlad J. Purohit      07/27/05 00:42      
      Very sorry state of affairs      Jerson Fernandes      07/27/05 00:44      
         Safe ?      Steve M. Taylor      07/27/05 02:25      
            All is well now and improving      Jerson Fernandes      07/27/05 04:27      
               Good news      Steve M. Taylor      07/27/05 04:45      
                  Re: Good News.      Prahlad J. Purohit      07/27/05 05:54      
                     Wet ...      Rob Klein      07/27/05 06:26      
                        Yes,      Steve M. Taylor      07/27/05 07:13      
                           IPA?      Rob Klein      07/27/05 07:20      
                              Re: Machines Damaged.      Prahlad J. Purohit      07/27/05 07:58      
                                 wet machines      Terry Lingle      07/27/05 09:39      
                                    de-watering fluid      Steve M. Taylor      07/27/05 09:45      
                                       AFIK de watering fluids      Terry Lingle      07/27/05 12:08      
                                 Ingress ?      Steve M. Taylor      07/27/05 09:42      
                              Hot Air Gun and Sillica Gel      Abhishek Singh      07/27/05 10:06      
                  In 31 years      Jerson Fernandes      07/27/05 07:15      
   How is it now ?      Steve M. Taylor      07/29/05 01:46      
      Salaam Bombay      Vignesh Prasad      07/29/05 11:53      
      Were doing well Steve      Jerson Fernandes      07/30/05 19:53      
         MORE rain ?      Steve M. Taylor      07/31/05 05:32      
            Yes MORE rain      Prahlad J. Purohit      07/31/05 06:46      
               I wish I could      Jerson Fernandes      07/31/05 10:35      
                  condolences to all affected people      Terry Lingle      07/31/05 11:54      
               OK ?      Steve M. Taylor      08/02/05 15:33      
                  All is well now - Thank you      Jerson Fernandes      08/06/05 07:37      

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